March 31, 2020

To all our customers,

In response to COVID-19 and trying to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for our customers and employees and due to being deemed essential business, we will still maintain normal internal operating procedures for both our repair division, and hose and hydraulics division. However we have decided to temporarily alter our physical interaction with customers during this unprecedented time.  

Please read below for instructions if you need parts or service.

Starting today,

Upon arrival please call 812-853-5450 and inform us that you are out front and what you need. We will come out to your vehicle and gather the items you need made or if you have called in an item we will bring it to you with your invoice.

If you do not have an open account we can process a credit card payment over the phone to limit human contact as much as possible and bring your receipt out to your vehicle with the finished product.

For account customers we will not require signatures at this time. We will just ask for a name to write in on the bottom of the invoice.

We will have the phone number and instructions posted on our doors as well.


Joel Sisco, CEO